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Assemblage: 36" x 23"

Photographic Editions: Archival Ink on Cotton Rag

'Hitchcock Shadowbox' is a homage to the master of suspense. Each weapon of choice brings you back to an individual masterpiece. The knife: Psycho. The scissors: Dial M for Murder. The gun: Strangers on a Train. The rope: Rope. And of course the crow: The Birds. Hitchcock's most famous scene, the shower scene in Psycho, plays out in sequence within the three film reels at the bottom of the box, going from left to right. Janet Leigh steps into the shower, meets her fate, and by reel three, lays dead on the shower floor. The most famous scene in cinema history, at a running time of 45 seconds, took 78 setups and 52 edits to complete. The bloody hands were placed by yours truly, and the inside sides of the box show Norman Bates peeping through that infamous hole. 

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