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Boo Radley's Tree

Assemblage: 14" x 11.5"

Photographic Editions: Archival Ink on Cotton Rag

Inspired by Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize 1960 Pulitzer Prize winning novel, and Robert Mulligan's classic 1962 film; 'Boo Radley's Tree' portrays, in shadowbox form, the gifts that Boo left in his Oak Tree for Scout and Jem. 


The image of Atticus and Scout, portrayed by Gregory Peck and Mary Badham, was silk screened on Japanese rice paper as well as actual Oak leaves.


The book and movie are my all time favorites. I've been wanting to create a homage to them for years now. Mission finally accomplished! Thank you Harper Lee for giving us your beautiful gift.

Boo Radley's Tree.jpg
making of boo_2.jpg
Boo Radley's Tree_detail.jpg
making of boo_1.jpg
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