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Ms. Steinem

Assemblage: 17" x 13"

Photographic Editions: Archival Ink on Cotton Rag

'My Life on the Road' by Gloria Steinem, was the inspiration for this piece. The original assemblage is made up of 230 hand painted miniature female figures. The signs in their hands are duplicates of actual protest signs used in the 60's and 70's. It seems unreal to me that so many years later, women are still fighting for equal pay in the work place, and the right to control their own bodies. I know many women who have had the unfortunate trauma of needing to terminate their pregnancies. Gloria and those who fought along side her, have my gratitude for giving those women their lives. Back alley abortions and wire hangers are the result of not having a 'choice'. Ms. Steinem is such an inspiration to me, and I hope my piece reflects the gratitude and respect I have for her.

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