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Photographic Editions: Archival Ink on Cotton Rag

The main images in this piece: the buildings, the people and car, were all taken during my visits to Havana and Vinales, Cuba in '06. 'Che Guevara Divided' was inspired by Jon Lee Anderson's epic biography 'Che'. In fact, upon landing alone at the airport, I had been held for almost an hour, and questioned about my reasons for traveling. I finally brought the book out of my luggage and presented it to security, which finally convinced them that I was traveling on friendly terms! The story of Che Guevara is essentially two stories: one that took place during Castro's revolution, and one that took place before. Che started his life as a medical student in South America; his compassion for the poor and underprivileged had no boundaries. After meeting Fidel Castro in Mexico, he turned that compassion into organizing, leading, and fighting the Cuban revolution. The images with the building on the right, all represent the 'before' Che. And the images on the left, represent his 'after'. In the end, Che Guevara has evolved into the ultimate icon for revolution, and has became a symbol for rebellion and change. 

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